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Ammonite Aerial Services

We are always happy to discuss your ideas and come up with an aerial solution that suites your needs and budget.

See below for some inspiration.

4k video
aerial survey

4K Video recording. Ultra high definition video capture available. Be it television or promotional video we have it covered. Please feel free to drop us a line to discuss your video requirements.

Depending on your project we can offer the following:

4K at up to 60p

HD at up to 120p

Construction site progress report. Show project managers and investors visual progress reports from a unique perspective. Aerial shots are also great for company portfolios and promotional material.

At Ammonite Aerial we are happy to work around the clock to produce images with the best possible lighting. A large construction site just as the sun is rising can look really dramatic and would look great on a company calendar or website. 

Chimney survey

Roof top and chimney survey. Buildings new and old always throw up challenges. Having the ability to gain access to areas normally inaccessible - quickly and safely - is a huge advantage. Both high resolution images and video can be taken, showing exactly where potential problems may exist. Very tall chimney stacks and church spires can really benefit from an aerial drone survey without the use of scaffolding and manned inspection.

plot identification

Plot identification. This service is ideal for land owners and developers wishing to sell any given site for development or change of use. Subtle manipulation can be added to the image to make it crystal clear which plot is for sale or up for discussion. This could prove useful for planning applications or contractors needing to gain access to a site. The coloured overlay can be customised to the specifications required.

tennis court

Sporting events and documentary. For editorial use aerial images help convey a very different and exciting  story. Supplementing traditional hand held images with overhead shots enables the picture editor to cover all the angles and make the front page. 

house portrait bristol

Beautiful house portraits. Ideal for estate agency sales and holiday rentals, showing off any given property and the surrounding area. Aerial photographs have connotations of exclusivity and importance. If a building is shot from the air it must be worth a look. We also offer unique private house portraits fully framed to celebrate your wonderful home. For more info see pricing.

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