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As most aerial photographers will tell you it is almost impossible to simply give you a comprehensive price list. Every job is completely unique, and will require varying amounts of planning and risk assessment. This is however very frustrating for you the client when planning the costings for your project.

With this in mind we have put together some basic costings to help you make the decision as to whether aerial photography is right for you.

Full day photo shoot: Access to all images and video shot on the day     £750.00

Half day photo shoot: Access to all images and video shot on the day    £400.00

License agreements will be discussed before any shoot takes place.

Real estate house portraits for property listings from £125.00 per property.

Building inspection or survey. This includes chimney stack, complete roof or roof section, church spire or any other structure where access is difficult or restricted. Any inspection will require thorough planning, risk assessment and site assessment. 

Prices start from £175.00

Beautiful oak framed fine art prints. These could be stunning panoramic views of your town or village, or any place special to you. Or alternatively a house portrait celebrating your home from a whole new perspective. 

50 inch panorama framed prints starting from £575.00

23.4 x 16.5 inch (A2) framed prints starting from £475.00

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